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How Article Builder works

Choose article format:
Pre-Match article
Where-To-Watch article
Post-Match article

Customize template:
Adapt sections
Add bookmakers
Adjust widgets

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Plans that suit your business needs

Simple & transparent pricing that grows with you

These are not just ordinary boring sports articles

Each article is expertly generated using AI technology based on a number of detailed variables

Written Content

Each client gets a unique article text which is generated using various sports data, such as team momentum, historical data, head-to-head, odds, player injuries and more.

Interactive widgets

Articles contain relevant interactive widgets that support the written text. They also boost user engagement, offer an option to promote affiliate partners and initiate click-throughs.


Full customisation

The system is 100% flexible, which makes it possible to create custom paragraphs, promote different affiliate partners or add unique widgets matching your site design and needs.

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